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The Healthy Communities Partnership: Lanark, Leeds and Grenville has identified two recommended actions, for our communities, in each of the priority areas:

Healthy Communities Partnership

School Travel Planning

The goal of the School Travel Planning Regional Committee and Individual School Committees is to increase the number of students in LLG who choose active transportation while travelling to and from school. They engage and partner with local stakeholders including school boards, municipal elected officials and/or staff, public health, police, community organizations, school staff, parents and students to reach this goal. These groups are working to develop and implement collaborative action plans.

An Introduction for:

Local Picture: There are currently (July 2015) school travel planning committees active in Brockville (Westminster), Almonte (Naismith, Holy Name of Mary, R Tait McKenzie, Almonte District High School), Smiths Falls (Chimo), and Kemptville (Grenville Family of Schools). These communities have engaged in STP at different times, and are at varying stages of development.

Here's what our community has to say about Active and Safe Routes to School in Lanark, Leesds and Grenville:

Activities that have been happening include:

  • Community partners coming together with an interest in school travel planning
  • Municipal presentations and support garnered
  • School Travel Planning Committee established
  • Assessment of current situation through surveys, walk-abouts
  • Art contests for unique STP signage
  • Walking routes, supports and barriers identified
  • Modifications to environment made as necessary
  • Walk/roll to school days
  • Celebration!
Crosswalk Schoolyard Walking



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