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The Healthy Communities Partnership: Lanark, Leeds and Grenville has identified two recommended actions, for our communities, in each of the priority areas:

Healthy Communities Partnership

Healthy communities are vibrant and connected. They support healthy choices and enhance learning, growth and development. Economic benefits include less school and workplace absenteeism, more innovation, and less use of the health care system. People are drawn to health communities.

The Healthy Communities Partnership (HCP) was formed in Lanark, Leeds and Grenville in 2010 to bring communities (e.g., geographic, population) together to mobilize organizations and leaders to develop policies and environments that promote healthy living.  The Partnership developed the Municipal Healthy Community Initiative to celebrate what municipalities are currently doing to support a healthy community, and to provide a platform for municipalities to learn from each other.

The objectives of the Municipal Healthy Community Initiative are to:

  • Introduce municipal councils and staff to the Healthy Communities Vision, and encourage them to endorse the Vision;
  • Highlight what municipalities are currently doing to support a healthy community through the completion of the Healthy Community Asset Inventory Tool (HCAIT);
  • Support and provide resources for the work municipalities undertake as they continue their journey towards a Healthy Community by building on current assets and initiatives;
  • Track progress towards and celebrate the success of municipal activities to create Healthy Communities across Lanark, Leeds, and Grenville.

Over the past four years, 2011-2015, a group of interested and dedicated partners came together to develop a Healthy Community Asset Inventory Tool (HCAIT) and an accompanying Healthy Community Resource Manual (HCRM).

Within Lanark, Leeds & Grenville there are 22 municipalities, some of which are quite urban, and some very rural, with a low per square kilometre population count. These municipalities have different assets and strengths, depending on their individual features. The expectation is that municipalities will do what makes sense for them and their residents, not that they will all offer a similar infrastructure or opportunities.

Municipal Gold: As we are getting to know the municipalities better, we have discovered how innovative and adaptable they are. In our area we have policies which support:

Healthy Community Reports:


Carleton Place



Smiths Falls


Mississippi Mills

Rideau Lakes

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